who we are...
HO-UK is a loose affiliation of like-minded club, independent and home racers, collectors and modellers.

Each of us remains autonomous but we come together under one banner to support each other in a friendly environment and to promote and enjoy the sport and hobby of HO slot car racing and collecting.

A weekend of working together in the HO Zone at the 2014 UK Slot Car Festival started the ball rolling and HO-UK was founded in March 2015.

The founding association members were:

Anglian Vintage HO Racing Association (AVHORA)

Chesterfield HO Racing Club (CHORC)

Derby HO Racing Club (DHORC)

South Cambridgeshire HO Racing Club (SCHORC)


Worthing HO Racing (WHO)

We have been subsequently joined by the North East garage group Penshaw Wooly Backs Eat Deer (PWBED), the Brighton Underground Racing Network (BURN) and The HO Racing League (THORL).  Andy Hooper's Matchbox Powertrack project became the first collector site to affiliate. HO-UK is supported by Slot Cars Direct.

For more information or to affiliate to HO-UK, please email us at: ho-uk[at]hotmail.com

The HO Zone at the UK Slot Car Festival 2014 - scene of a weekend
of collaborative work that laid the foundations for HO-UK